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Tuesday, November 29

Christmas 2005

As you probably know, my wife had set up a blog for our family's 2005 Christmas gift ideas. When I created my post, I was a little more verbose than perhaps was appropriate. My list takes ups two screenfuls of text right at the top of the blog since I was the last person to make an entry.

To correct that (and make use of this happy page), I've decided to move the whole list off of the family page and just link you over here. So, you can check out my complete, original, untruncated post if you care about what I want to see under the tree. If you want to check out the rest of the family (which I would encourage), you can visit them here.



I'm a simple person to shop for, in that I usually don't want more than one or two things *ever*... And I usually buy those for myself impatiently. In that theme, one item on my gift list is already in my grubby hands but I'd love if you'd be "willing to partner with me to cover the burden" of my cool gadgetry... Without further ado:

1) GADGET - Apple iPod (already purchased)
Yeah, I couldn't wait. The new iPods came out, I'd been drooling for a while, and the college had a promo price going. So, I jumped at it. This was my only intended 'gift idea' for Christmas... I wouldn't let the fact that I already own it stop you from contributing.

1a) GADGETY - iTunes Store Gift Certificates
With my iPod-dizzle, I've started buying songs (usually worship stuff) through Apple's iTunes store. Though I *hate* DRM crap more than any person on the earth, Apple does seem to have the best deal going... And I hate paying $18 for the Christian artist's album just to get one song that I like. So, help me fill my iPod with tunes... If you have an Apple-phobia, you can just gimme the cash and I'll find a way to launder it over into my tunes budget. You'll never know. Trust me.

2) BOOK - The Reformation Study Bible (leather cover)
I've finally come around to using the ESV Bible, after gnashing my teeth against it for so long. At any rate, this new study bible has some great notes inside *and* has the benefit of adding yet another kind of study bible to our shelves! Awesome, eh? It can be purchased from Amazon, Christian Books, or the distributor of your choice!

3) BOOKS - Assorted...
As some of you know (though you'll all know now, I suppose), I'm taking a theology 'class' with the uber-educated, neo-reformed, wicked-cool Associate Pastor at our church. As such, I'm being 'hipped' to all kinds of cool pastoral resource books... And "me wants [them], my precious". Most of these are available used through ABEBooks at a pretty marked savings. I'm just going to keep a running list here for anyone who wants to throw one my way!
1) Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Walter Elwell

4) CLOTHES - Er. Clothes.
Well, I still need to cover my skin in shame... So, I do need clothes. If you want to spend money in this way, feel free.

I would like to state on the record that I feel that "just giving money" is a perfectly valid and wonderful way to express your affection for me. I know some ppl think that (since it requires no thought or time) it's a cold, impersonal, and bland gift. Not so with me! So, if you're stuck just throw me $$ and I'll funnel it to one of the above items or one of my other interests (golf, heating oil, etc.).

Ok, heating oil isn't really an interest...


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