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Friday, May 11

Sir, your artsy side is showing.

It's not often that I get in the mood for subtle art. I generally don't get amped by uncovering layers of hidden meaning in a 2 hour movie in a language I don't speak. However, every now and again I get artsy.

So, here are three kinda deep little movies that I found on the net today. MLF said this was too depressing for a Friday, so I take comfort knowing most of y'all won't watch these 'til Monday.

First, "Doll Face" is an eerie commentary on the ever-changing face of vanity.
"More", according to the film's site, "tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth."

Lastly, "Kiwi!" is simultaneously cute and disturbing...

There... Consider yourself momentarily cultured.



  • Egads... disturbing is right. No wonder I'm not artsy. Thanks for sharing - thought provoking at least.

    By Blogger s g, at 2:17 PM, May 14, 2007  

  • That (Kiwi) seems like a great metaphor for our entertainment culture - we think we are flying when in fact we are just plunging to our doom.

    I'm not sure about the other two.

    By Blogger Taliesin, at 6:20 PM, May 14, 2007  

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