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Monday, February 25

Spurgeon said it...

Last Sunday, I finished a four-week series in our ABF on the Bible (shortened thanks to illness from five). The goal I had in mind was to help build an increased affection for God's Word in the saints and help people build something of an apologetic framework for defending Scripture to people outside the church.

Today, I came across this quote from Spurgeon that would've been a great bookend to the series... Wrapping up a sermon, the Prince of Preachers said this:

Well, now, time fails us, and I can say but little. I have only just cursorily touched on the text. I now hand it to you. May the Lord help you “sons of Jacob” to take home this portion of meat; digest it well, and feed upon it. May the Holy Ghost sweetly apply the glorious things that are written! And may you have “a feast of fat things, of wines on the lees well refined!”

Remember God is the same, whatever is removed. Your friends may be disaffected, your ministers may be taken away, every thing may change; but God does not. Your brethren may chance and cast out your name as vile: but God will love you still. Let your station in life change, and your property be gone; let your whole life be shaken, and you become weak and sickly; let everything flee away-there is one place where change cannot put his finger; there is one name on which mutability can never be written; there is one heart which never can alter; that heart is God’s - that name Love.

What a blessing it is that God, who is there and who is always the same, has given us His Word to be an anchor in the storm and a feast for our souls.

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