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Thursday, March 20

Keller @ Google...

Last Friday's post was a video of Tim Keller speaking at UC-Berkeley. The next day, he delivered a similar speech at Google and the vid has finally found its way out onto the net.

Since I haven't said anything else original this week, I thought I'd keep up the tradition and post the new Keller vid for your edification.

Deef made an interesting point last night... Over a year ago, Keller delivered a speech at the Desiring God conference calling all our best theologians and thinkers to work on a compact Gospel presentation that would fit the rising postmodern mindset... The old 'pitches' (4 Spiritual Laws, Evangelism Explosion, etc) assume a quasi-biblical worldview that just is less and less common in our culture today. Deef pointed out that Keller is answering his own call with his book and taking this presentation into places like google.

Anyway, enjoy the vid.

Tomorrow is Good Friday so I'll post something appropriately reflective, Lord willing.

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