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Tuesday, November 29

Rock my socks off

There are a number of lame uses for the intarweb, and then there are things that make life just a little brighter from day to day. (You might disagree which side of the ledger some of these deserve to be on, I suppose...)

I stumbled across one of the all-time goodies: Pandora from the Music Genome Project.

This site, in my opinion, is wicked cool. Input a song or artist you like, and it constructs a playlist of other songs/artists that should appeal to you.

Now, those of you who know me understand that my musical tastes are pretty eclectic to begin with... If you doubt that, the smooth transition my iTunes just made from Wagner's Liebestod to P.O.D. should convince you. With that on the table, I think the Pandora site is great!! Granted, few of the matched songs are perfect - but there's enough breadth and similarity to ensure that you at least find something in the bunch that appeals to you. I was particularly amused when I, as a test, created a station for the Polyphonic Spree (a band 'discovered' by a friend with even more odd musical tastes) and found that it does indeed kick back a number of other similar sounding bands.

So, check it out... Never know what your ears will hear... For my part, I've stopped listening. The temptation to click the BUY button was too tempting.


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