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Wednesday, December 20

Let it W, Let it W, Let it WWWednesday...

... and let it snow while you're at it. Away we go!

1) The holidays are often a time when people eat too much and bemoan their expanding waistlines. If I recall correctly, the #1 New Year's Resolution is to lose weight. Well, forget all about that and bloat to your heart's (dis)content... In the first dash of over-realized-tolerance to really impact me, Fat Pride and Fat Studies are on the rise at colleges. Yes, I'm serious. You might wanna get the Fat Studies Reader before the holiday supplies disappear like the pre-class buffet.

2) Also something only higher-ed could produce: Baba Brinkman, the literary rapper. Using the Canterbury Tales for fodder, Brinkman spits hot fire like a homie straight outta Hollis Hall. Don't step to him, cuz I heard he packs a CMS wherever he goes.

3) There are few things cooler than military hardware. And it seems no one understands the concept of "Bigger=Better" that the U.S. Department of Defense. Check out the specs on the new CVN-21 'Super [Aircraft] Carrier':
The French Charles De Gaulle Class nuclear carriers displace about 43,000t. India's new Vikramaditya/ Admiral Gorshkov Class will have a similar displacement. The future British CVF Queen Elizabeth Class and related French PA2 Project are expected to displace about 65,000t (British) - 74,000t (French), while the British Invincible Class carriers that participated in the Falklands War weigh in at around 22,000t. Invincible actually compares well to Italy's new Cavour Class (27,000t), and Spain's Principe de Asturias Class (17,000t). The USA's Nimitz Class and CVN-21 Gerald R. Ford Class, in contrast, fall in the 90,000t-105,000t range. Hence the unofficial designation "super-carriers". Just one of these ships packs a more potent air force than many nations.


4) Time Magazine finally got it right and named me their person of the year. Oh, and you too. Yes, even you.

5) In this week's sign of the Apocalypse, Angelina Jolie is now dispensing her opinion on better parenting. Her premise? Adopted parents, who usually go through some background checks, are better suited to be parents... I'd challenge the reader to consider Ms. Jolie's history and the fact that she has two adopted kids before getting behind her theory.

6) This past weekend, SNL was actually funny (or so claims the rampant video posting on teh intarweb)... Reflecting on my personal, all-time favorite SNL moments:
  • Far and away, Woodrow is max funnest. It's a shame that I can't scrounge this completely nonsensical video up anywhere on the net. "Up and down the sidewalk, Take a doo-doo pie... I love you."
  • Ross Perot's joy ride with then VP candidate James Stockdale is an all-timer as well. I imagine some of the humor is lost if you weren't around to hear about the original debate.
  • As far as favorite musical moments, there is nothing better than Elvis Costello thumbing his nose at the establishment. This performance of 'Radio' is the only EC thing I've ever liked. I wish I could've seen it live (but I was only two).
7) Following up on the video theme... Here's a strange one. Tupac and Ice-T 'singing' together. How touching.

8) How did you get here? Well....
  • Dluxe's World is da bomb if you're looking for more mindless authors. True, so very true.
  • It's frightening to think that some people are looking for Jo Frost in diapers... In diapers???
  • And in a lesson on the effects my crazy blogs I have, three people have come here looking for modest or respectable women's clothing.
  • We do the prosperity gospel for kid's thing, too: God, I declare my need for a bicycle!
  • Lastly, you would not believe how many people can't spell 'weasel'. I continue to see at least 1 hit a day looking for weesel/weisel/wiesel/weseel/wiesal stomping day. However, in an effort to serve those folks, here's a link to what you're looking for...



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