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Wednesday, January 3

Simply WWWednesday

Well, it's the start of a New Year... And the world is still weird.

1) Kicking off the New Year with ambiguity and further proof that polls can be relied upon for absolutely nothing.
I suppose that means we get to pick?

2) Yesterday I learned some of you already know: Photoshop is teh addictive. I can see how people easily spend hours upon hours goofing around with images. Some people are really good at chopping and shopping. This guy, for example, this, and these funny people.

3) Me? Well, I started by making faux church logos (based on names suggested by friends). Apologies for the gratuitous use of McLaren.
4) I really like trail mix with dried pineapple/mango or heavy on cashews. In contrast, it seems that Sam Walton liked his trail mix heavy on the glass and plastic.

5) I bet you had no idea that the $175k starting salary for a federal district court judge is actually now a 'constitutional crisis'! You can thank Chief Justice John Roberts ($212k) for the tip. Just for reference, my own paltry income troubles no one.

6) On a related tangent, I have a word for the world on behalf of all my like-minded, Evangelical brothers and sisters. "We also wish Pat Robertson would just shut up sometimes."
**UPDATED! Check out and consider signing centuri0n's online petition re: Robertson's "prophecies"

7) Still related: The RIAA has simply lost all contact with reality. I don't care how real music piracy is. Filing a lawsuit against a Russian company for $1.65 trillion (yes, trillion) is a little much. Just for comparison, there are only 10 countries who have a higher adjusted GDP!

8) Get this one: According to the Indian Press, former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's ghost is already making the rounds in and around Baghdad. What can you say? The guy was a party animal in this life, and just couldn't wait to get started in the next.

I wonder if Saddam took advantage of the Adopt-a-Nun service prior to being offed this week. Quoting the article: "It's a direct line to God and it's cheaper than any phone call." I bet you didn't know that every convent has the number to God's real line.

10) Only one video this week, but it's a doozy.

11) No searches this week... But an extra special dose next week!

Now, get back to work!



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