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Monday, March 5

How the mighty blog has fallen...

Hi everyone.

I was exchanging emails with someone I've met through some church planting contacts this week. In one of the messages he asked, "You used to post some thoughtful stuff... What happened?"

I don't know that I've ever posted anything that would rate as thoughtful. However, the things I used to use as filler (WWWednesday posts and other net oddities) have become the major source of content 'round here. Still, even if my older post series were 'inane drivel', I'm certain that the recent stock - Whitefield stuff excluded - has no doubt descended to 'unconscious drooling'. The reasons are pretty simple:
  • Try to learn a dead, foreign language on your own. Better yet, try to learn it while standing on the foundation of my tenuous grasp of English grammar. I'd ask that you not consider learning biblical Greek since I'd then have one more person learning Greek better/faster than me.
  • Surround yourself with wonderfully heady friends who constantly ask 'conversational' questions that are far more intellectually stimulating than flash-card practice for said dead language.
  • In the midst of that, also be trying to read an average of 75-100 pages per night in varied textbooks while praying to retain at least 50% of what you read.
  • Add a wife who deserves way more than you could ever give her at your best, and try to figure out how to honor her in the midst of everything else.
  • Work a 48hr/week job that turns your brain into overcooked steel-cut oatmeal by the time you get home.
Anyway, you get the idea... All this is to say that I want to try, really try, to get things back on track here. The simple fact is, however, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon - at least not the way I'd prefer.

So... Bear with us and someday something profound will issue on these pages. After all, you've heard about the million monkeys, right?

In the meantime, I'll try to pass along particularly interesting articles... For starters, read this wonderful article by Al Mohler (what a blessing it is to have him blogging again).


  • HeavyD,

    I like your blog. I only make it over here once in awhile, but I enjoy the content; the Whitefield stuff is particularly good. And you always have interesting YouTube videoes. Were it not for you I'd have never believed that David Lee Roth was singing bluegrass!

    Besides, there are very few Mohlers in the world. You know, guys who read a couple of books per day, lead a seminary, write intelligent, thoughtful, well-researched and documented articles, teaches expositorially for his church, great husband, father, and articulate, Evangelical spokesman.

    Keep doing what you gotta do!

    By Blogger Travis, at 11:34 PM, March 06, 2007  

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