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Wednesday, April 4

Super Bad WWWednesday

This is a little glimpse into my past for some of you...

While in college, I spent a lot of time in NYC trying to make music. We always had a frat brother or somebody we knew who had an apartment, usually in the Village, so we'd head up and hit all the jam sessions we could.

One several occasions, we stumbled upon Super Bad Brad (aka Brad Prowly) - a street guy with a massive boombox and a killer voice. Brad never seemed to be 'all there', but he'd set up on a street corner and sing. And I mean it: This cat could SING.

A frat brother forwarded this to me recently... It seems Brad showed up on Showtime at the Apollo and brought the toughest house in the business down. Not bad for a white dude who's really 'from the streets'. This brought back some fun memories for me, and it's a darn good performance to boot. So, this WWWednesday stands in tribute to Super Bad Brad...



  • If you just had a picture of this guy without a mike, I'd be more inclined to think Milton from Office Space than someone who should be a Motown celeb.

    By Anonymous Brendt, at 12:17 PM, May 11, 2007  

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