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Tuesday, July 24

Peeking in...

Well, if you're still here it's probably because you have this blog plugged into your RSS reader and have just neglected to delete this dead feed 'til now.

Sorry for the lack of posting on here. I blame three things for the inactivity here:
  1. OASIS. I knew things were going to get busy right around the go-live date in early July. However, I did not anticipate quite as much lingering stuff on my plate. I'm flat out at the office, and that means little time to think about something to blog about.
  2. Summer. Even though we're not a 'high activity' family, it's amazing to see how busy the summer always seems to get.
  3. Bridge. Particularly, BBO. As I've mentioned on here previously, I've always wanted to get better at playing bridge. The mental exhaustion from OASIS has made it so I'm really no good for continuing my studies right now. However, cards has provided the perfect diversion.
So, all that is to say that things here should pick up soon. For those still sticking around, thanks.



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