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Tuesday, May 30

Newsflash! Nothing happened.

Thanks to MLF for reminding me...

In case you hadn't noticed, the tragic events predicted for 5/25/06 never happened. Eric Julien has explained the matter on his website.

I posted the following comment on the end of my original post shortly after the non-event. It pretty much sums up my feelings:

After two days in the bunker, we emerged. You can't imagine how bittersweet that moment was for us... The cool air and bright sun on our faces, and yet the heavy hearts within us.

It was strange that we knew the world was now so different after the disaster, and yet it seemed so normal. People driving by in their cars, kids fishing, and joggers running down the street... Didn't people care about the tragedy that had befallen the world?

I raced into the house and was surprised to find that internet access was still available. Thank goodness that the infrastructure was built to be so robust.

Racing to the news sites, I was shocked to find that there was no mention of the horrors that I knew must've taken place. What is wrong with us? Is our capacity to ignore the plight of others really so massive?

But wait. Nothing. Really! Nothing? No comet, no tsunami, no world-defining event? What happened?

Huh. I guess you really can't believe everything you read on the internet.

Do you suppose I have to mow my lawn now?

And no rousing speech from Bill Pullman, either. That's tragic.


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