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Friday, May 19

I'll be fashionably late, I suppose...

Well, the balance of our book order from Amazon arrived the other day (thanks to MLF for his procurement services). I shifted gears and decided to jump into Mark Driscoll's Confessions of a Reformission Rev right away.

Even though I'll prolly wrap the book up by Sunday, I don't know how much value posting a review will be. It seems like the book is all over the place right now. Earlier this week, Michael Spencer (aka iMonk) posted his positive review of Driscoll's latest. In announcing the review on the BHT gangblog, iMonk 'whismically' entitled his post "Don't Let Challies Near This One".

As if on cue, Tim Challies has posted a rather mixed review over here.

I certainly won't have much to add to the discussion, nor will I say any of it as well as these people (who actually write with proper spelling and grammar). Regardless, the book makes you think and so I'll post my thoughts. Besides, everyone else is doing it and I must keep this blog trendy for all my peeps.

Also, Bob Kauflin recently ran gave away some copies of Sovereign Grace's Worship God Live CD in exchange for reviews. I got a copy of the CD some time ago, but I figured I'd post a review since Bob was asking... Look for that sometime this weekend, with Confessions landing early next week.


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