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Wednesday, May 17

Wacky WWWednesday

Well, I came across a couple things recenltly that tickled me, so I thought I'd share them. You know, you have to kick it on the 'not so serious' tip once in a while.

First, I found this video on Julie's blog... It made me LOL. A lot.

Second, I was stuck at the office very late Monday night waiting for a ride. Since there's only so much work one can do before the brain turns to mush, I found this site. And I spent way too much time playing this game for some reason.

Third, I wanted to share some amusing search results that have come in recently:
  • I imagine that the person looking for ""stained glass windows seen on tbn network channel" was really disappointed when they found out my thoughts on viewing TBN.
  • It seems that I know a little something about ""cessationism or cessationist or cessationists or charismatics or charismata or continuationist or continuationism or charistmatic". Then again, given all those 'or' statements, I imagine google just returned the whole web.
  • Someday, I might give an "exposition of isaiah 55", but not today.
  • And, thanks to my recent T4G post, I was the top date-sorted hit for "T4G" and any of the following: "John Piper", "Mark Dever", "Al Mohler" for a 24hour period. I'm sure their publicists are horrified to know that.



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