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Wednesday, October 11

WWWednesday II (en absurdium continuo)

Another WWWednesday is upon us... And though PatL had me thinking I was a day behind, I'm actually right on schedule. On with the show.

1) Same game as last week... Why is the title of this post appropriate, at least in some sense of 'appropriate', for today?

Well, the Second Vatican Council (affectionately known as Vatican II) was opened by Pope John XXIII on this day in 1962.

Vatican II angered many Catholics who felt Rome was coming dangerously close to compromising on the core beliefs of Catholocism (that the RCC was the right church established by Christ and the Apostles, etc).

Fear not, friends... No matter what people perceived, careful inspection shows that the council still affirmed that all us Protestants are (still) anathema! Cool!

2) Brendt emailed in with an update on the 'drunken' bear from last week's WWWednesday post:
BTW, I talked to someone in Boulder. That bear (from entry #9) turned
out to be sick, not drunk, and died a couple days later. I yanked my
post about it. Not saying you should too, but wanted you to be aware.

Thanks, Brendt. I'm going to leave the link... I imagine the TV station will pull the story. And while I am sorry about the bear's demise, the TV news story was still amusing.

3) Speaking of Brendt, it seem we both agree that God has clearly declared His existence in the past week...

4) Ok, intelligent readers... What do you make of this? Several British scientist claim to have found an uncracked duck egg containing three live minnows.

No, I'm not making this up. How dare you even suggest that? Anyway, if you have a theory how this could actually happen, you can post a comment on the article thread. I, personally, will be waiting for the half-breed Duck-Fish to take flight and rule over us with an iron fist. I think that's in Revelation somewhere, right?

4) Justin Taylor linked to a fascinating article detailing the top finds in Biblical Archaeology. You can download a PDF of the article here.

5) Halloween is coming... And while that's not a holiday our family makes a big deal out of, I thought that these pumpkin carvings were just too cool not to pass along.

6) I'm a little young to remember, but didn't we split up Ma Bell for a reason? Seems someone has found a better reason (MONEY!!) for putting her back together!

7) I was saving this for a WWWednesday post, but probably a ton of you have already seen it. Mark Driscoll posted some fascinating thoughts on Jenna Jameson on Monday. Yes, that Jenna Jameson...

8) You might end up at this blog if:
  • Joshua has never been this way before.
  • You need a Dluxe encounter.
  • People tell you that the largest nuclear energy family is something to be concerned about.
  • Calvinism sucks. I obviously disagree, so I'm glad you came here.
Have a good week... Remember, it's all downhill from here!



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