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Tuesday, September 19

Are you ready for some WWWednesday???

Welcome to another installment of my weak attempt to match the A La Carte from Challies or TeamPyro's Blogspotting. When you get linked there, your site gets mucho traffico. When you get linked here, you just feel kinda icky and cry.

In my defense, I've been WWWednesday-ing it longer than Phil's been Blogspotting. I doubt anyone's been at this longer than Tim Challies. After all, he invented blogging.

On with the show!
1) At 4:55 last Friday, this blog registered its 2,000th visitor. It is fitting that the milestone visitor was my lovely wife... It makes the story both geekily romantic and logical since she probably accounts for at least 50% of my visits.

2) Marketing is ultra-subjective... Sometimes you like it, other times you hate it. It's gonna be hard to argue, however, the UK's Conservative Party got anything approaching their money's worth when their logo was recently redesigned. Gone is the strength of the old Thatcher-esque logo seen to the right... Hail the era of broccoli!3) To make the Conservatives feel better, I'd highly recommend this touching rendition of the hit song "Feelings". Music soothes the savage beast, they say.

4) I've often thought that the world would be a much better place if people would Just Stop and Think. Seems some other people agree. If you're not one of my Christian friends, I'd urge you to watch the video and honestly listen. Is your rational worldview really so rational?

5) The entire world is talking about the Pope's remarks re: Islam. I have to be honest that I've only caught bits and pieces... But it is interesting that riots and threats of violence seemed to be the dominant response to the Pontiff's little speech. There are a ton of people commenting on the net, but I found the alway insightful centuri0n's article interesting. On a related note: It's also interesting to look at today and then look at this editorial from April.

6) Should Christians start rioting over stuff like this? Compare and contrast with Islamic fundamentalism. Discuss your findings with the class.

7) This has turned more serious than a typical WWWednesday post... One more serious thing and I'll get back to the blithe and merry stuff you've come to expect. In addition to the Pope, a lot of people are talking about Jesus Camp around the water cooler. Did you see the story on ABC? If not, you can check it out here. Interestingly, Julie from LonePrairie went there as a kid and offers her perspectives here.

8) Hollywood thought that it would be SkyNet that got us. They were wrong. Elmo will become self-aware this Christmas. Once that happens, he'll see us all as threats and that will be then end. Whatever you do, don't unplug him! Can the Matrix really be that far off?

9) You probably got here because you know me and were really bored. Pity these fools who got here because of the cruel nature of search engines:
  • Someone wanted more info on "cessationism or cessationist or cessationists or charismatics or charismata or continuationist or continuationism or charistmatic". I've heard of being thorough in your research, but yeesh!
  • I wonder how the Super Nanny trash talks... "[bleep]! You call that weak-[donkey stuff] a manners chart? [Heck]! You ain't even gots no star stickers!"
  • Unfortunately, I'm the 5th hit for pastor farts on Yahoo. And strangely, 3 different people were investigating that topic this week.
  • People should do some careful investigation before stating that Gary Busey cut her up.
10) Lastly, here's some humorous video-goodness to balance the serious. Nothing's funnier than German Engineer thugs or the legendary Burt Bacharach.



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