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Thursday, January 4

Your iPod wants sermons...

Steve McCoy, who runs the tres cool Reformissionary blog, had an interesting post yesterday discussing his 5 Favorite Preachers of 2006. You should read it and open up your ears a little.

I was talking with one of our ABF leaders last Sunday regarding the mass of Christian audio that's available online nowadays... That conversation had me planning to post some things currently in my listening rotation sometime soon. Steve's post gave me some new ideas (planning to give McKinley and Chandler a listen) and goosed me to put this post up sooner, rather than later.

So, without further - or much - ado and in randomish order:

John Piper - For those of you who know me, this is no big surprise... My fan-boy image aside, the fact is that Piper's preaching is consistently rich/inspiring and always solidly Biblical. The sermons are free from DesiringGod's site, or can be gotten via daily podcast. Another recommendation: No pastor should be without the audio of Piper's speech at this past year's T4G conference...

Tim Keller - 2006 was the year of the Tim Keller discovery for me. I had heard Keller mentioned with reverent tones, but I hadn't listened to any of his stuff until this year's Resurgence conference address. Since then, I've devoured everything I could find. Keller is a superb communicator and deep thinker. Check out Steve's Tim Keller page for free audio and print resources, look here instead, or subscribe (for a fee) to Redeemer Presby's podcast.

Mark Dever & the CHBC gang - I surprised myself with this one... From my limited exposure to Dever, I wouldn't have thought he'd "click" with me. How wrong I was... Mark and the rest of the Capitol Hill Baptist crew are rigorously Biblical and have a wonderful way of prodding believer and unbeliever alike towards "A HA!" moments. You can download sermons or grab 'em via podcast. But don't neglect to check out the other audio resources (lectures, forums, etc.) that CHBC produces! Great stuff (here's one that really got me thinking)...

Josh, CJ, and the CovLife guys - There's something about Josh Harris and CJ Mahaney that seems so personable that you feel almost compelled towards using firstnames alone. If I only had one word to describe them, it would be 'winsome'. For example, CJ's opening of his first address at SBTS and his T4G address are endearing and hilarious. Josh's call to Humble Orthodoxy is right in the wheelhouse of where I'd like to go... And the heart all these men have for the Gospel and a hurting world is moving. Again, individual messages are available, as is a podcast. Be sure to also check out their NewAttitude stuff here...

Mark Driscoll - Driscoll is like that kid you knew in school who was uber-talented but always took things one step too far. I don't think there's anyone out there today who's preaching the Gospel in a more compelling way... He challenges and practically assaults the listener with Truth week in and week out. Theology? Rock-solid. Language? Well, I haven't heard the 'cussing pastor' emerge, but Driscoll does tend to be just a little sophomoric at times. The trick is Driscoll hears that criticism, acknowledges it, and seems to be trying to respond in humility and corrected behavior. I don't think I handle much of anything that well.

Anway, if you must listen to only one thing I'd tell you to grab "Death by Love". You can also get the Mars Hill Church Podcast, or other individual sermons at their website.

Well, there you have it... Some links to edify you and your iPod. Technology is awesome, so let's make good use of it.


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