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Wednesday, February 7

Short and Sweet WWWednesday

I am committed to bringing this blog back from the mostly-dead. But it's not going to happen today. Soon, though... Soon, my once plentiful readers, you will hear the siren song beckoning you back to the fresh-contenty goodness of my blog.

But not today.

1) What is the Muptrix?

2) The opening line is a classic: "She was the Robochick. He was Billy-O. According to police, her obsession with him led her to drive 900 miles from Houston to Orlando, bringing with her a trenchcoat and wig, armed with a BB gun and pepper spray, and wearing a diaper to avoid bathroom breaks on the arduous drive." Then it gets weird.

3) Helpful note: Running around barefoot in the snow on a -18 degree day is not smart. Even if it is Super Bowl Sunday. As an aside, what kinda screwed up family tradition is that?

4) There's a whole new way to see the Grand Canyon that will totally freak you out.

5) When riding the bus, make absolutely certain you're on the right one. And knowledge of the languages in neighboring areas doesn't hurt.

6) There are few places where a Waffle House would not be welcome, IMO. It's nice to see the University of Georgia students agree.

7) Finally, some video goodness. T-$ mentioned the Chad Vader saga to me a week or so ago. I thought I had blogged the first couple episodes months ago. But just in case I hadn't, here's Episode 1. Not kid safe language!

Check out the whole saga to date over on Blame Society's website.



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