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Saturday, January 27

Medical Care

1) Get sick... You know that the first words out of your Doctor's mouth will be, "It's just a virus... We'll need to let it work itself out."

2) Call in. They confirm there's some virus going around (there always is) and tell you to check in if it hasn't cleared up in a week. This at least gets a note in your file that you've been having symptoms.

3) Two weeks later, you're still battlin' the bug. So, you break down and call in for an appointment. A $10 co-pay later, you're sitting in one of those little carbon-copy exam rooms. In comes the doctor, who after hearing you describe your ordeal gives you a cursory look-over.

4) And tells you that it's still a virus that must still run its course.

5) Stay sick. Wait 5 more days.

6) Lather, rinse, repeat.



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