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Tuesday, January 23


I find it really funny when the news acts like something is shocking that really is common-sense. So, all the people in the house say "Who knew?"

1) Looking for the secret to success? Here's a tip: Get a stock-picking monkey. No, I'm really serious. Surprisingly, picking stocks for consistent gain is largely guesswork.

2) In other shockingly obvious news, a recent program in Arkansas has found that giving teachers incentives for increased student performance actually works. Surprisingly, there's an expected backlash from teacher's unions.

3) Did you ever know that some parents indulge their children too much? Particularly as it pertains to birthday parties? Thank goodness for the socially-impactful work of Birthdays Without Pressure. I'm expecting MTV to cancel 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' any moment now.

4) I'm grateful that this precedent has been set: "Colleen chose to have ... their second child induced a few days early so Mark Pavelka could attend Sunday's ... showdown between the Bears and the ... Saints." Because if anything trumps family, it's Da Bears.

Last in the obvious news parade - One Seattle coffee shop has figured out that having scantily-clad female baristas increases sales (according to this story). Color me shocked.

Now, moving on...

6) Some of our friends gave their oldest son a Rubik's cube for Christmas. Pssst! Alex... Don't tell Mom and Dad I gave you this link -> How to solve the Rubik's Cube. Where was the internet when I was a kid, eh?

7) I wonder if that stock-picking monkey is going to hedge his bets on the impending crisis in tortilla sales? According to this article, "[Mexican] President Felipe Calderon signed an accord with businesses on Thursday to curb soaring tortilla prices and protect Mexico's poor from speculative sellers and a surge in the cost of corn driven by the U.S. ethanol industry."

I'm also predicting a spike in grits and cornbread futures in the deep south.

8) Don't build your marshmallow plant next door to the solid-rocket fuel factory (which is built on top of a natural gas pipeline). Bad things happen.

9) This is some great stuff... Reminds me of when poppin' and lockin' was in vogue the first time. I was 8, I think.

10) Flash mobs fascinate me... This vid is hilarious, but doing this in the States would get you sued.

11) Lastly, check this guy out... Some of the stuff he does seems impossible!

Now I need some Mr. Roboto.



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