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Tuesday, April 17

Back on the 'grind'

Well, we're back... Three weary travelers returned to the Upper Valley from Sovereign Grace's 2007 Leadership Conference late on Sunday. The weather for the return trip was 'teh cruddy', but the Lord graciously kept us and the traffic around us on the road. No doubt that Michael is even more road-weary, having just returned to his mission field via bus yesterday (Monday) evening.

I'm going to try to post a 'review' of the trip later... Perhaps this evening. If you're really looking for a flavor of the Leadership Conference, I'd direct you to Tony Reinke's summary posts. Tony's a far better writer than I am and his reflections have already blessed me greatly.

Up front, let me say what a profound joy it was to be a guest of the SGM folks. The event staff served us graciously and, I must say, spoiled us richly. The teaching encouraged, challenged, and humbled all of us. If it weren't for the fact we had to leave our families behind, I can't think of anywhere I would've rather been for a week.

Thanks to those of you who prayed for us... God clearly answered your prayers.

More later...



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