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Tuesday, June 12

New iPodder fodder

Yesterday began on a tragic note... I awoke to find that my iPod synch had failed overnight. Worse, my iPod was frozen with an odd error on the screen and refused all efforts to be reset! I feared that my close buddied, iDluxe, was destined for the trash heap...

Or, perhaps more likely, destined to be disassembled by Gannon and I in a fit of mournfully-geeky glee.

Thankfully, the iPod's battery finally discharged and it appears to be fine. I've spoken soft, loving words of encouragement to it and I think it's planning to stick around for a little longer. In celebration of this happy day, I thought I'd pass along some info on the two new podcasts that have found their way into my listening rotation.

Crossway Community Church, Kenosha, WI
My first contact with Crossway was sitting in a workshop given by Mike Bullmore at LC07 this past April. After hearing Mike teach, I thought I'd like to eavesdrop in on him again. I've been jacked into Crossway's podcast ever since... The preaching is powerful, rigorously Biblical, and intensely practical (in the good way, not the saccharine way).

For those not in the know, Mike had previously taught preaching for 15 years at TEDS. I think that resume makes Mike a valuable listen for those of us in the young/aspiring set. The truth is that we all need to know 'the rules' and when to break them!

Crossway is in the midst of a 'book a week' style series through the minor prophets... You should tune in, and be blessed. Here's a podcast link!

Epiphany Fellowship, Philadelphia, PA
Everyone who knows me will know that I have a fascination with urban/hip-hop culture. This amuses everyone since I'm probably the most rural-minded, cracker-white person you can imagine...

Anyway, I was checking out some tunes at Lampmode and peeked (peeped) at the list of churches where Lampmode artists fellowship. I wound up clicking the link for Epiphany Fellowship in North Philly. I spent a lot of time in/around Philly while I was in school, mostly playing at clubs or cutting teeth at a jam session. So, I know where this church is and some of the challenges they must be facing.

Everyone on the internet likes to 'blah blah' about the issue of contextualization. Well, here is an example of a church that is actually doing contextualization right. If you're a Vermont yankee, some of the language you hear in one of Epiphany's sermons might not make a ton of sense... However, you'll hear the same gospel being preached that is being proclaimed (I hope!) at your church. The language and illustrations are centered on life in the city, but the substance is eternal... This is what missional church planting should be.

Again, here is solidly biblical, gospel preaching (Eric and Duce, the two main preachers, have DTS creds) with an urban swagger. If you want to get in touch with a culture that's likely next door to you but seems miles away, this might be a great place to start building bridges.

Epiphany is in the midst of a series on John's Gospel... Again, tune in and get your weight up. For podcast: Check out this page, and click the appropriate link for your podcasting pleasure.

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  • Umm, that would be the iTrashHeap, wouldn't it?

    With the amount of time you spend listening to sermons on that thing, I can't imagine your life without it. It had better stay with us for a long time.

    By Blogger Eva, at 9:05 AM, June 13, 2007  

  • 12 seconds into an Epiphany message, and I heard a guy referred to as a "cat". So it's like listening to a Christian Dennis Miller. ;-)

    Thanks for the ifodder.

    By Anonymous Brendt, at 1:24 PM, June 15, 2007  

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