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Tuesday, February 26

Back on the Reading Rainbow

One of the first things that was plastered on the pages of this blog was a book/reading list that I was trying to work my way through (and ultimately stopped updating like everything else around here)... Well, I managed to get all the way through that list and more. The lone exception is that my Greek still sucks. Oh well.

About a year ago, I started to stop reading... That is I had exhausted my 'want to read' and 'need to read' lists. Shortly thereafter, I hit what I can only describe as the first fog of depression that I've even been in. Truth is, there are still lingering wisps of that around but far fewer than there were only a couple months ago.

One thing I was convicted about the other day is that I really need to get back to feeding my soul by reading. In trying to come up with a model that works, I was greatly helped by a couple resources from our friends at Sovereign Grace: The first of their new 'leadership podcasts' dealt specifically with developing better reading habits among pastors. In addition, I stumbled back across a seminar that Mark Dever gave at LC07 on his annual reading plan.

So, tonight I'm going to draft a plan of attack for the year ahead (ok, what's left of it anyway)... I hope you'll peek back and comment to help me flesh it out.

In the meantime, pick up a book yourself and stretch you brain a little.



  • I've been reading along with Tim Challies' read along thing. Didn't know if that might not help.

    Nice blog you have here. Keep on. All for Jesus.

    By Blogger donsands, at 11:42 PM, February 26, 2008  

  • Don,

    Thanks for the comment... I've been reading Challies' posts, though not reading along in the books.

    I think I've got a plan together that will work (going to post it later). Truth is, I just needed to get back in some better habits. Leading up to this past fall, I was averaging a book a week. But then I just frittered out.

    All for Jesus.

    Yes, THAT.

    By Blogger HeavyDluxe, at 10:13 AM, February 27, 2008  

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