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Wednesday, February 27

Take up and read, again...

Well, I think that I've devised a plan I like... I'm posting it here for feedback and so that a couple of you who are close to me will hold me to it.

My plan is to divide the year up two different ways:
  • On one hand, I wanted to adopt a modified version of Dever's "Canon of Theologians" to try to get back in reading the foundational classics of the faith.
  • On the other hand, I wanted to also be reading contemporary authors on the major 'spheres' of pastoral ministry ('ministry of the Word', counseling, and theological engagement contemporary issues).
So, I've married the two... Since I read relatively fast, I'm going to have the two 'tracks' going concurrently. It looks a little something like this:
Since I know this isn't the clearest diagram, let me outline March as an example. I plan to get a hold of some of Richard Sibbes sermons (I read Bruised Reed last summer) and read through a couple over the course of the month. At the same time, I'm going to be reading Age of Opportunity by Tripp. In April, I'll move on to John Stott (probably Cross of Christ, which I never finished) and some other counseling book.

Obviously, I tried to group the 'old and not-so-old staples' to fit with the quarterly themes (Piper, Spurgeon, and Lloyd-Jones under preaching, Edwards and Carson under theological engagement) but I'm not restricting my reading of those guys to the subject areas. For example, I can completely anticipate reading Grace Abounding during John Bunyan month even though it has little to do with 'counseling' proper.

So, what thinkest thou?



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