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Tuesday, April 22

Favorite Posts [8] : (Pre)Destined for Debate

In the fall of '06, the Reformosphere was in a buzz about the on again, off again debate between the Caner brothers and James White/Tom Ascol re: Calvinism in Baptist streams. That same month, one of our pastors started a series on reformed theology in our adult class at church.

Eventually we wound up in the death-spiral discussion of the infamous doctrine of predestination. It's funny that the idea of God sovereignly extending grace to thankless sinners can cause so much bile and distress. Actually, it's not funny or surprising after all. Every one of us clings desperately to our own sovereignty far too often - in our thoughts (theologically), in our lives (functually), or both...

Anyway, I decided to write a series of posts recounting my own wrestling with this difficult doctrine. My hope was to give a couple people in our class the chance to chew on things through the week... I don't know if this helped or hurt, but I was blessed by meditating on the grace evident in the Gospel again.

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