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Sunday, December 4

Milo comes through again...

"I drive a 1994 Toyota Corolla with 146,000 miles on it. I love it, personally. You have not seen comedy until you've seen my 1994 Toyota with a hubcap missing and the passenger side window duct-taped shut parked between Allen Iverson's Bentley and Chris Webber's tricked-out Suburban." - Brian Smith, former 76ers radio/publicity guy (aka Chunk, Milo)

Sometimes when you ask people about their cars, you learn funny things. Seems that he's taken to presenting his humorous musings via AOLIM nowadays instead of updating his blog.

Tomorrow is our annual Guy's Christmas Shopping Day... Truthfully, it amounts to an excuse for a couple of us to go out, buy a couple Christmas presents (in that purposeful, guy shopping kinda way), and then go catch a movie and eat out with the balance of a day. Such a deal! For me, the highlight has been lunch at the Olive Garden. While this probably sounds about as exciting as sitting in traffic to my Delaware homies, remember that we live in the middle of nowhere.

At our budget-level, the Olive Garden is not only high-class cuisine but also an event requiring 1.25 hours of travel and weeks of anticipation. Quit laughing.

On another note, PatL totally geeked me out today by showing me her iPod Nano. I don't know what I was expecting the Nano-pods to look like... I have a 'full size' iPod, and it's not exactly a big device. But Pat's Nano was so tiny it was sickening. Geek envy abounded... My envy was worsened by the fact that my own iPod mysteriously discharged over the last couple days leaving me tuneless on the way to church.

I imagine accidentally leaving it on in my pocket, shuffling happily through my 4.6 days worth of music, didn't help.


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