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Tuesday, March 14

Faith and a $0 balance...

You know, life likes to keep you on your toes... Just when you think that you're getting a leg up, you discover the following:

  1. The furnace that you knew you were going to need to replace anyway has decided to sting you for an additional $300+ in repairs... At the end of the season. Just for kicks.
  2. The car you beat up is likely to bite you for at least $300 more than you anticipated was needed to get it fixed. And that's still not 'like new' repairs here - we're talking baseline, 'pass inspection and no longer considered a death-trap'.
  3. As a result, the $500 you had been desperately hoping would put you on the road up and out of the mire has evaporated... Moreover, you still have remaining repairs and a $5000 furnace payment to look forward to.

I'm thankful that Top Ramen is still available... Only:

  1. I recognize that Top Ramen, even though it is the flagship Nissin Food product, does not meet most dietary requirements that a pediatrician would recommend for my children.
  2. For that matter, any doctor who was told you're eating that stuff as an adult would go ahead and pencil in 'massive coronary' into the cause of death space on your file.
  3. It'd be cheaper, only slightly less tasty, and perhaps 1.5x as healthy to fast or enjoy a nice, warm bowl of salt water.

Anyone have some salt and water they're willing to loan?

And the funniest thing is that in your mind and heart, you know that it's all not that important and bound to work out... "For the Bible tells me so!"


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