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Tuesday, February 21

Pausing to ponder other things...

It occurred to me this past Sunday that I'm up to teach in our next three ABF classes. That the call to memory was preceded by our fearless leader's annoucement that I was teaching is purely coincidental. Seriously, I remembered on my own. Really.

We're covering some pretty heavy material this year, so I wanna be careful to prep well. With that in mind, I probably won't be wrapping up "Give Praise to God" for a little while. I'm not exactly sure what will be here instead... Prolly a smattering of random thoughts and some things that I've come across preparing for ABF.

For today, I was struck by two things happening in the media. One is this whole UAE port debacle that has sprung up in Washington... Depending on the facts that surface, this might be the nail in the coffin that finally makes me change my voter-registration to the Constitution Party. Yes, I'm just that right-wingy-wacky.

The other one is South Dakota's proposed abortion ban. For some reason, I've had abortion on my mind a lot lately... Perhaps it was the Piper sermon I caught on the radio this January (around the Roe v. Wade anniversary). Or perhaps it was stumbling across the strangely tasteful, and yet brutal, Abort73 website shortly thereafter. The most likely 'culprit' is that a colleague's husband has gotten involved with a local pregnancy center (handling programs for men) and so I've been just hearing more about it.

Now, South Dakota's legislature has approved a bill that would ban abortion in their state unless there is specific danger to the life of the mother. The US Supreme Court is also planning to revisit the 'partial-birth' abortion ban later this year.

Given the text above, it obviously doesn't take much to figure out where I stand on the issue of abortion. I guess the reason that I'm posting is that I recognize abortion to be a bitterly devisive issue in our country. I don't think it should be - the truth is pretty clear. Nonetheless, this stirring of the hornet's nest is likely to make for a fascinating couple months.

I hope that those of us who would call ourselves 'pro-life Christians'... As an aside, isn't it fascinating that both of those terms are needed? Completely blows my mind that there'd be another kind of Christian...

Anyway, as I was saying - I hope that we will keep our heads and hearts focused on Christ in all this. While people argue and yell and spit and fight, I hope that we can boldy speak the truth and truly do so with genuine grace and love.

I can hear the talking heads on [insert your favorite news source here] warming up their posturing and yelling already.


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