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Thursday, March 23

Lotsa Ludicrous Links

Bookmarks!! Sites that I like.

Friends/Family Blogs
  • Eva's Blog - Not only is she the most beautiful woman in the world, she's also the smartest...
  • MLF's Blog - Will make you laugh and think (even re: the seedy underworld surrounding Ginger Ale
  • Deef's Net - Prayer letter mogul, programming wizard, and one of the most insightful people I've ever met.
  • Rambling Thoughts - LetUsRun's very well written, insightful commentary about faith in the midst of life's challenges...
  • PatL's Blog - Cooking, canine antics, probing commentaries, programming skills... PatL does it all well!
  • Blog o' Da Hearn - Sharp wit and overarching silliness... Great writing. *ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING!
  • Milo's World - Gots mad flow on the mic, in a broadcast journalism kinda way. *ADULT LANGUAGE WARNING
  • ><><><><><><><><><><><><><
    Reformed Church-y Blogs
  • Between Two Worlds - My first stop daily. Justin's site is a great starting point to get hooked into the wider world of Christian Bloggers.
  • Worship Matters - The blog of Bob Kauflin, Director of Worship Development for Sovereign Grace Ministries. Wonderful, humble insights from a blessed musician and man of God.
  • Challies.com - Genuine, stimulating thoughts from Tim Challies. Tim's book reviews and 'King of the Week' links are a great way to expand your reading list a little.
  • Together for the Gospel - What happens when you mix a Southern Baptist, an Indie Baptist, a Presbyterian, and a Reformed Charismatic together? It's either the start of a bad joke or it's Together For the Gospel. Check out the ongoing conversation for humor and fun insights.
  • Pyromaniacs - A wealth of cool articles written by Phil Johnson, the original Pyromaniac, and his merry band of bloggers.
  • Reformissionary - Steve, though I dissed him accidentally on here, has a fantistic blog. Personal insights from someone 'in the trenches' (and a Tim Keller fan. w00t!).
  • Resurgence - Mark Driscoll and the rest of the Mars Hill gang posting re everything from mullets to Particular Redemption. Solid doctrine and culturally-relevant ministry in the Gospel.
  • ... and His ministers a flame of fire - Defies description... Frank's the only person I know to combine solid, thoughtful theology with comic book characters.
  • Mark Roberts' Blog - Very readable and honest commentary from Irvine Presby's Pastor. (thanks for Alan for the link!)

  • E-zine styled
  • Reformation21 Blog - The team at Ref21's thoughts and conversations.
  • Reformation Theology - The blog from the people who bring us Monergism.com. Fantastic reading, if you're looking for something meaty to chew on!
  • ><><><><><><><><><><><><><

    Great Bible and Theology Resources...
  • ESV Bible Online - Search the readable, beautiful, and accurate ESV from the comfort of your ergonomically-correct office chair. Also check out their blog for news and announcements.
  • Monergism.com - Fantastic dumping of solid, Reformed resources. If you're doing research, this is one of the first places to hit. Searchable, but also logically organized by topic... Can't say enough good things!
  • Valley Bible Church - If you're looking for a church, we'd love to have you come see us! Excuse the 'frumpy' website, please...
  • RZIM Ministries - I adore Ravi Zacharias... Reminding us that our faith is true, defensible, and encourages us to think and contemplate the things of God (rather than the oft cited allegation that faith means 'leaving your brain at the door').
  • ><><><><><><><><><><><><><

    The Dark Side and the people who track them...
  • Slice of Laodicea - Ingrid and her team keep a sharp eye on the strange, heretical, and downright absurd in the modern 'church'.
  • EmergentNO - Chuckle at what happens when people try to have their truth without it having to be true. A great resource for tracking the strangeness in the Emergent 'conversation'
  • EmergentUS - See what's up in the world where truth is on vacation.
  • Brian McLaren - What's up with the man for whom propositional truth is outdated.

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