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Friday, April 21

How did *you* end up here?

The the neatest feature of Sitemeter's little blog counter has been the ability to look at how people got here.

In some cases, the connections make sense... I can see people who appear to be friends checking in, or people link from a comment I post on another (vastly more popular) blog.

There are some things, however, that are just strange or amusing. I thought I'd start taking a post every couple weeks to outline some of the wacky ways people stumble onto my internet outpost.

So, drum roll... Wacky arrivals:
  • It appears that I'm the top Google result for a search on 'resultant condition'. This search has show up twice, both times from geeky colleges. I can just picture some chem major looking for something important, only to come across me and my homies rambling re: Lando Calrissian.

  • If you're interested in knowing the 'definition of purple monkey dishwasher', google seems to think UrbanDictionary and I can help you out...

  • It's worth noting that someone also stumbled here after looking for 'three purple dishwashers'. And that's just flippin' strange, in every respect.

  • If you're one of those people who thinks Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church, is over the top, you'll find me if you go looking for 'mars hill church profanity'. (Though MSN likes me better, in this case)

  • My favorite: I'm the top hit if you go looking for 'comic book repent cycle pyromaniac'. What's amusing about this is that it's a completely off the wall search string that makes no kinda sense. Unless you had read this post over at TeamPyro. In which case the search is logical, though the result was surely not what the searcher was hoping to find...

  • Amusing stuff! Have a great weekend!


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