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Friday, April 7

Set condition to DEFCON 5

For those of you 'regulars' (all 7 of you) who are just tuning in - You missed it. Really. Can't you tell?

On Thursday, Ingrid @ Slice of Laodicea linked to my post re: Emerging wedding pastors. This is really the first, and likely to remain the only, bit of notoriety garnered by anything I've done/written.

If you're inclined to see what the hubbub was about, scroll down or click here.

I figure that the normal hit/page load numbers for this blog could be artistically rendered as a ghost town with tumbleweeds blowing through. Then the listing on Slice hit... The counters (newly configured early this week) ticked up. I guesstimate that the past 24 hours will represent at least 2 months worth of 'normal' traffic.

All of which is pretty neat and more than a little humbling. What you type out here matters because you never really know who's reading... Hopefully, you're given something worthwhile to say once in a while. At least that's my prayer...

Anyway, now that it's just us home folks I'll post the wrap-up to Give Praise to God sometime this weekend. I know you're waiting with tingling anticipation (all 7 - Er, 6? - of you).


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