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Saturday, April 1

J. Greshem Machen - One cool dude...

I love to learn new things... So, I'm always thrilled when I find out about or stumble over some new author who has something valuable to say.

I've seen the name of J. Greshem Machen around before. Never read any of his stuff, though. Then I heard this quote last night while listening to a church planting lecture/sermon:

Time was when Reason sat in regal state upon her throne, and crowds of obsequious courtiers did her reverence. But now, the Queen has been deposed and Pragmatism, the usurper, occupies the throne.

Some humble retainers still follow the exile of the fallen Queen. Some men still hope for the day of restoration when the useful will be relegated to its proper place and Truth will again rule the world. But such retainers are few... So few that even the very humblest of them may perhaps, out of charity, be granted a hearing which in Reason's better days he could not have claimed.

Wow. It would seem I need to click 'Add to Cart'.


  • Machen is one of my heroes!
    Lead the revolt against Princeton Seminary...founding Westminster

    oh...also the author of a stand-out first-year Greek grammar sitting right here on my shelf.

    By Blogger coramdeo, at 12:36 PM, April 03, 2006  

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