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Wednesday, April 26

Liveblogging by the live-est liveblogger alive...

Tim Challies is going to be 'liveblogging' from the Together For the Gospel conference this starting this evening... You can keep up with the action via his blog.

I've mentioned the T4G guys on here before, and I frequently check into their blog. There was a time I entertained going to the conference myself, but registration had filled up by the time I felt like pulling the trigger. *sigh*

I'm sure the conference is going to be off the hook... So, Tim is doing those of us who are grounded a great service by sending his thoughts back to us!

I'd also like to point you to centuri0n's DebateBlog... I was unaware that Frank was taking on all comers until he posted a 'peanut gallery' entry on his main page. Right now, Frank's wrapping up an exchange with Brian Flemming, an atheist and president of Beyond Belief Media.


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