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Tuesday, June 13

What Up World?? (It's WWWednesday!)

Well, it appears that the recent debate has now died down. If you missed it, check out the comments thread from my last post. This is the most non-Dluxe comments I've ever gotten - snatching the lead away from the old Emergent Wedding post.

I do hope that Josh and this guy (adult language warning) will come back and continue the discussion... I think it's very important, especially given the different places those two are coming from.

In the meantime, it's been too long since I blogged so let's move on with life.

First off: Google, though they are quite possibly affiliated with the Borg, make wicked cool stuff. I've used gmail for a while... But now I'm hooked on Google's wicked sweet Calendar, utilizing Google's Reader for checking my blogs, and snapping all of the above into my totally rad Google homepage. Clicky the screen cap below.They also have a sweet service for posting spreadsheets to the net for editing and sharing. I wonder what Microsoft thinks of that full-frontal assault? Anyway, if you want an invite so you can get in on the fun, just lemme know!

I've heard people rave about managing blogs using feeds before, but I've always preferred the 'click-through-my-bookmarks' method. No more! I'm reading more blogs (not sure if that's good or bad) and being more efficient about it.

Second: At some point this week, this little blog will pass 1,000 visitors. Now, I figure that at least half of those visits are a combination of my own visits from random computers and my lovely wife. Even so, it's pretty interesting to think about how many people (potentially) have read something on here. It's kinda humbling, too.

Maybe someday I'll be cool like Tim Challies and people will completely misinterpret what I write, helping to strip blogging of all enjoyment! YEE HAW!

Third: Tipping the hat to Challies' A La Carte, check out this post over at Deo Volente and the linked videos** (broadband warning!). Buy a glow in the dark cross for someone you love.

Fourth: I've traditionally posted strange search entries that got people here... It'd be a shame to skip that part now.
  • The single occurance of the words 'trajectory hermeneutic' seems to have been enough to make me the world's 4th most authoritative site on the matter.
  • If you want to process 'the mean world biblically', I can help.
  • Looking for "Denny's Tim Flemming" will land you here. I assume he's the guy who came up with the Moons Over My Hammy (the greatest snack at 2am on a Wednesday).
  • I can't imagine what could be "empirically verifiable about muggeridge", but I bet it's hilarious.
Lastly: Speaking of Malcolm Muggeridge, here's a cool quote...

The early Christians... enjoyed the inestimable advantage of believing that the millennium was near, which precluded them from seeking to establish a beneficent regime in this world. In the time at their disposal, it was just not worth while. Perhaps the best hope of reviving the Christian religion would be to convince the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and other dignitaries likewise, that the world will shortly be coming to an end. A difficult undertaking, I fear, notwithstanding much evidence pointing that way.

** UPDATE: The funniest part of the 2nd video is the interlaced shots of Benny Hinn, his wife, Jan Crouch, and [crap, forget his name] at the start of 2nd verse of the song. Words + pictures = HA HA!



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