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Wednesday, August 2

Boiling on a WWWednesday

In case you live in an air conditioned bubble , it's really hot outside. Sitting in an office on the sunny side of an uncooled, brick building is less than fun on days like this.

Anyway, here are some things to get your through your Wednesday.
  1. Tim Challies wondered what it would be like if the world of pastoring had all-stars and trading deadlines a la MLB. This was what he came up with... Later, the smart guys @ F&P posted the image to the right. Funny stuff!
  2. Since I always rant depressingly about cards, here's a happy note for a change. Bridgebase rocks my socks off.
  3. Have you met Chad Vader? If not, you'll be highly amused by these two videos [one and two]. Beware, it's a little PG-13... But I about choked to death laughing at the guy who is so eager to be 'the apprentice'. Never drink and surf, friends.
  4. Julie had this on her blog. I find it amusing, and that makes me question my own sanity.
  5. It wouldn't be a WWWednesday post without some amusing ways that people have arrived at this page (and usually left immediately thereafter).
    • As soon as they release an "ESV Bible iPod Nano", I'll buy a case of 'em. In the meantime, I guess I've tipped Apple's hand.
    • Wanna know "why propositional truth matters"? You've come to the right place.
    • I wonder if it matters because it makes "people cry"?
    • Someone hit this post for info on "ivy league schools or academic merit scholarship". I bet they were really disappointed.
    • And, lo and behold, someone was actually looking for "Brian Dellinger" and ended up at this humble blog. Hello, long lost uncle or cousin or both.



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