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Tuesday, July 11

Leaning further to the right

Many of my earliest, clear memories come from right around 1980 - particularly the '80 election race. I recall listening to Ronald Reagan as he was stumping here and there through the year. Something about him was just riveting to me... I can remember that my (paternal) Grandmom - an ol' dyed-in-the-wool southern democrat - was almost apoplectic that Carter would be handing over the nuclear keys to Reagan.

By the time the mid-80s rolled around, I was old enough to start actually thinking about things. Even before Family Ties hit the air, I was carrying a briefcase to school and trumpeting the supposed merits of 'trickle-down economics'. So, you see that my overwhelming nerdiness has been a long-standing thing.

As I started to form my own opinions, I found I agreed with Reagan and liked him. I owe a lot to my parents who happily played Plato's Advocate with me over countless dinner table discussions. I wonder if it scared them to watch their happy child morph, little by little, into a Right Wing Loony Tune? (As an aside: It's interesting that, to this day, I know little about how my father thinks or how he votes. He talks capably on both sides of almost every issue.)

Fast-forward to today: Am I still proud to call myself a Republican? I can't say that I am. When I voted for Bush in 2000, I was voting for education reform, the development of a viable domestic energy policy, social security (and other entitlement) reform, and preservation of traditional morality especially in re: issues like abortion/gay marriage.

In 2004, I was much more cynical. I voted for Bush because Kerry was a terrible candidate who lacked even a shred of integrity, the election was going to be close, and because I figured we'd at least get a couple conservative Supreme Court Justices out of the deal. Well, Roberts and Alito don't really cut it for me... And Harriet Miers? What the heck was that!?!? I feel like the victim of a good ol' bait-n-switch manuver. Every issue that was important to me has either been left unaddressed or solved with a hammer and duct tape solution... And these weren't obscure side issues in the elections, either.

So, I believe my principles are correct... And though the Republican party has a right-wingish platform its heart seems to be decidedly in the center. For me, personally, the center is somewhere I can't really follow. Well, what's a fellow to do?

This will probably be the year I actually vote for a third-party candidate. And if I do, the odds are pretty strong that I'll be voting for the Constitutional Party candidate... That is not a choice without some challenges...
  • First of all, I find a fair amount of their foreign policy platform to be over the top. I'm all for a significant lessening of our role abroad, but I don't think we can be quite as isolated as these people seem to believe.
  • I personally think there needs to be major Social Security reform... That said, I think the CATO Institutes 6.2% Solution is the best option out there. I'm not sure it goes far enough for it to fit in the CP's platform statement.
  • While I don't like the idea of a draft, I think it is an 'option of last resort' that needs to be kept on the table. As such, the CP's position on conscription is a little more than I can handle.
Still, I'm fairly close to these guys all around. Since I'm in Vermont, this really isn't anything I need to rush to figure out. There's not a chance of any of the mid-term elections swinging towards anyone near conservative enough for me.

Interesting Vermont anecdote that I just stumbled across: In 2004, Cris Ericson ran for Governor of our happy state representing the Marijuana Party. Her campaign imagery was something to behold, as you can see to the left. Now it seems that she's cleaned up (imagery) and intends on running as a Republican for Senate. I find this highly amusing... Same platform, different look/party.

What's even more frightening is that probably a number of uninformed Republicans will see her party affiliation on election day and throw a vote her way. *sigh* Ok... Enough of this stuff.

We're getting ready for a small getaway this coming weekend. Before we disappear, I'll get the review of The Joshua Generation up for everyone's edification. From there, we'll dive into the Bible next week - starting with Deuteronomy 22:13-endish.



  • Have you considered a sideline in authoring material?? Sorta like writing a book or something... You have a gift... flows well..

    By Anonymous P&P Worker, at 9:29 AM, July 14, 2006  

  • Hi! Vermonters!
    Be sure to call your local Public Access T.V. station soon and
    ask them to air the NEW video I just mailed them, ask them to air it in August, OK?
    It is one hour and 53 minutes long,
    so be sure to record it because you are going to fall asleep listening to it!
    I cover all the issues from Abortion to Water Quality, with
    special appearances by my little dog, "Z".
    You know what "Z" stands for!
    Now, you are really going to LOVE this video,
    it is ULTRA conservative.
    Your grandmother will love it.
    "Z" stars as an unborn child while I explain partial birth abortion.
    The 9th circuit court of appeals ruled that President Bush's ban on partial birth abortion is unconstitutional.
    Watch "Z" squirm!
    Then I go on, eventually,
    remember this is one hour and 53 minutes of me behaving well in a conservative fashion,
    to explain to you that most employers don't have a hitching post and water trough so you better get used to those high fuel prices because the OIL industry is in busines for one reason,
    "Profit", I explain to "Z".

    By Blogger Cris Ericson, at 10:58 PM, July 17, 2006  

  • As I said, does the comment above sound like someone who should receive a vote from any intelligent human being?


    By Blogger HeavyDluxe, at 10:52 AM, July 18, 2006  

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