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Wednesday, November 15

...and rumors of WWWednesdays.

S'up y'all? Thanks for tuning in... Starting off on a serious note:

1) From the 'Rumors of Wars' department. A Chinese, diesel-powered sub appears to have stalked a US Navy carrier group. When you don't know the enemy's there until they pop up and say "Boo!", you have a problem. Sheesh! Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China... Where will it end?

2) On a far lighter note, I've found a solution to getting the birds that are living in the eaves of our roof to go away. Just give them hallucinogenic drugs! Thanks to the city of West Palm Beach for that winner of an idea!

3) Well, it's that time of year again... If you had been saving your pennies to buy your special someone a $20m trip into space, I've got some bad news: The Russian Space Agency reports they're booked solid through '09. See? It really does pay to start shopping early!

3) Have no fear though... There are still some great gift ideas. Use your twenty mil to buy 100 of your closest friends full-sized, wax statues of themselves. If you have friends in the tropics, this might not be such a great gift. There are few things more depressing than watching yourself melt.

4) Continuing on the gift-giving tip... The people at Blendtec have just about done the impossible. I almost want a blender for Christmas. Why? Simple. The people at Blendtec have proven that you can destroy things with your small kitchen appliances to answer the eternal question: Will it blend? These two pages are full of terrible acting, but awesome vids.

5) Speaking of amusing videos, try to picture in your head Woody Allen and Billy Graham sitting down for a chat... Seem a little hard? Here's some help (part 1 and part 2). Thanks for da linkage, Brendt.

6) Last video... I hid this link in a previous post, but I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen (a wonderful parody of this). So, I'm reposting it here cuz it makes me giggle. A lot.

7) It's been a hoot having been linked by TeamPyro. Sadly, the discussion hasn't taken off like I hoped it would. But as this graph shows, I've gotten more than a month's worth of traffic in just the past few days. The early bump is when Adrian Warnock decided to grace me with a link back in October.

8) Pity The Folks who got here almost certainly looking for something else:
  • I dunno how far down Google's results for Paint you have to go to get here. But I'm dead-sure that is was a LONG way.
  • I promise to do a post detailing Mark Calvin's Theology, just as soon as I figure out who he is.
  • And, though I linked to it, there's no way I could explain the Reformation Polka.



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