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Wednesday, November 8

It's a brand new WWWednesday...

Happy WWWednesday, y'all. The link in the title is all the politico-talk you'll get from me today.

1) Did you stay up too late watching election results? I didn't. Though it appears these NASA workers did... Except for the one guy so disinterested that he's just playing cards.

2) Speaking of geeks and games, I never really bit into the whole Sudoku craze. I recently started [pathetically, slowly] working though one 'mega-easy' puzzle a day at this website. Nonetheless, it's going to be a long time before I get all hot-and-bothered over a puzzle like this.

3) Even as slow as I am, I could get a lot of Sudoku done in 38,000 years. And it seems some charming gentlemen are going to have that much time on their hands. Perhaps they can weave a couple baskets, too?

4) Changing gears completely, here's a fascinating look at what we'll all be eating in 25 years. While I find all this healthy cuisine curiously exciting, I still want to know when I'll get my robot maid and Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle.

5) While not providing food-on-demand, Holly Jacobson and Tessa Churchill are working to put a dent in the world's fuel problems... And MIT appears to be listening. All hail the geek overlords!

6) Speaking of fuel, imagine how much gas this monster takes up to deliver the 45,000 tons of Christmas junk it's got stowed on-board? And think of all the gas that will be produced on Christmas morning as parental-stomach-ulcers throughout the UK flare up trying to put the cheap, plastic crap together?

Electrical mishaps are never good, but they can be fun to watch for pyromaniacally inclined geeks like me. I saw this on the net this week and it got a huge "Whoa!" from me. I bet you'll also be interested in this. Note: No one was hurt as a result of these accidents.

8) Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoons, suffers (suffered?) from a disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia. Effectively, he lost the ability to speak casually for quite a while... But, it appears that he healed himself! Read his account here. Our brains are unbelievably weird contraptions...

7) Need a 'Teh Dluxe' fix? Remember these search strings and you'll always be able to navigate to my blog!
  • Don't ask me how someone got here looking for angry crab Larry.
  • It's a little known fact that I'm very into fashion. And I predict that the next spring season will find everyone wanting to be seen in a Mengele Monacle.
  • Weird Al better watch it, I know when Weird Al Whomping Day actually is.
  • You can learn a lot about yourself from Google. Little did I know that I was pro-Cessation of the Modern Church...
  • I post about Mark Driscoll fairly often. But, have you read my posts on his rather odd cousin, Mark Disco?? Oh yes... I've long been a fan of his 'best and farest' [whatever that means] work with the OC Bombers [whoever they are]. And you thought he was just a good dancer!*
*This page is almost worth it's own WWWednesday post!! Hee Hee!



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