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Wednesday, November 22


I hope this little post finds everyone gearing up for a very restful and thankful Thanksgiving!

1) Kudos to Newsweek on their interesting On Faith discussion page. The magazine has established a panel of experts (?) on issues of faith, pose them questions, publish the panelist's response, and then stand aside as the comment threads explode in flames. As you can see here, Al Mohler has already been to the firing line and spurred a lot of 'conversation'.

2) Ok... This is freaky on too many levels. Meet Bryan Hathaway. Bryan (no relation) was caught getting a little friendly with a deer in a roadside ditch. A dead deer. And this is no first offense, mind you. He'd "previously has served time for killing a horse he intended to sexually assault". As if that isn't enough, check out this gem of a quote from his attorney his court filing:
Whether the term "animal" includes carcasses presented and issue of statutory interpretation... [A]n "organism" is defined as "a living individual; a plant or animal." Thus, the term "animal" refers to a living organism, not a carcass.

In addition defining animal to include carcasses would lead to absurd results. At what point of decompose would the carcass cease being an animal? ... As Billy Crystal noted in The Princess Bride (1987), "There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead."

It's bad enough that attorneys, once considered intelligensia in our society, are having to argue whether or not fornicating with an animal carcass violates a statute against fornication with animals. It's even worse when, to really zing their point home, the refer to The Princess Bride.

3) The whole fascination with Elmo has always kinda bothered me... That voice! That way he always refers to himself with his proper name! CREEPY! But, the new TMXElmo dolls are something altogether new and evil. I'm sure there's a timer in them and they will take over the world on April 15th. Don't believe me? Just watch this video and tell me it isn't frightening!!

4) WWWednesday posts don't usually lend themselves to follow-ups, but this one is worthwhile. In a rare display of sanity, Fox decided to pull the plug on O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It" show and book. The bummer is that, I believe, O.J. still got paid (in advance) for the book.

5) Kids, be careful if you go rummaging through the closets at your school... You never know when you'll come across some radioactive waste! Where was all this stuff when I was a kid?

6) A couple weeks ago, a friend mentioned that the first time she heard Barak Obama speak (following the '04 elections) she thought he could be the Antichrist. We both laughed about this, and I hadn't thought about it again. However, reading this story in WorldNet re: the unholy alliance between Obama and Rick Warren does make you think...

7) Geeks (like me) around the world are mourning today. It appears that Peter Jackson and crew will not be back to direct/produce the movie version of the Hobbit or any other prequel material. Sadness, indeed.

8)This video of Bill Dance is hysterical to me (especially because he sounds like my Uncle Ronnie). Always make sure your trollin' motor is firmly attached.

9) I'm on Google for:
  • Graham Phillips follow up ark of the covenant. Don't ask.
  • I bet you didn't know that I have the most wanted theme in [the] world... Now you do.
  • The fact that someone wound up here seeking extra special make-up tips really bothers me.
  • And though I've posted on a handful of books of the Bible, I can't remember anything from the Song of Saint Solomon...



  • That dead deer incident is disturbing. The word "psychopath" comes to mind... I hope he gets some real help and doesn't cross over to people. yeesh.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:58 PM, November 27, 2006  

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