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Monday, December 5

Good times shopping

As I mentioned yesterday, we set out this morning on our annual Guy's Christmas Shopping roadtrip. Riding in the car with four guys seemed to call back to memory all the crazy car trips from my college days... I imagine it did something similar for the others.

At least we *acted* like it did.

I'm such a terrible shopper. I tend to have a hard time looking at something and thinking, "That's perfect for so-and-so!"... If someone has expressed an interest in a particular thing, I *love* buying things for people. But I'm not a hugely material person by nature so it's hard to just associate ppl and 'stuff'.

I think I did better this year - probably due to the fact that the family has had their Christmas lists up for a while. And when I refer to 'the family', I mainly mean my wife. A 4 year-old boy fixated on anything fast, powerful, or loud and a 1 year-old daughter are easy to shop for. Besides, the grandparents are likely to flood them with stuff anyway.

Now, if only I hadn't gotten hurried this morning... Maybe I would've remembered to re-look at E's list and *remember* a thing or two while I was out.

Highlights of the upcoming week? Well, I'm getting to go to a biochem lecture on Wednesday given by a great friend prepping for his PhD defense. Should be fun (though I insist I'll actually understand "Good afternoon..." and that's about it). I should mention he informed me this picture was taken during an office 70s party. Though I hadn't really noticed at first, it explains the shirt.

This weekend is slated to be our Sunday school class (sorry, ABF) Christmas party. That is always good for a laugh or 231.


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