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Wednesday, February 8

This is so me!!

Let me start off by saying I am not a South Park supporter or fan. I'll watch an episode once a season or so. Or whenever they make fun of some group I think is humorous...

However, I was getting a little fed up with my avatar on here... While ol' Fats Waller certainly represents a part of me (chubby wit), he certainly falls short elsewhere. So, I have been thinking about a new avatar for a while. If there are any of you who don't know me, it might surprise you to know I'm not black. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, I tried a super-hero generator out on the web... While cool, I don't feel too 'super' and they were too complicated to come up with a good 'me' from home in limited time. Then I remembered the South Park Character Generator. While I'm not a fan, per se, I think a short cartoon version of me would be appropriate.

So, here's the new Brian avatar:
Coolness, eh? In many ways, this is so me. I'm down with the retro-headphones and the 'lost in the Israel Houghton jammy' look on my face. And, yes, I would be all about a fro if I could make it happen. Where this departs from reality is the whole 'winter coat' thang. However, all the other clothing options made me look way skinnier than I am. So, I just went with the puffy, down-filled look and made the background fit.

So, there you have me... What would you look like?


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