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Tuesday, January 31

It's beginning to look a lot like Birthday

Since I've been waxing philosophic lately, I thought a little does of good, ol' fashioned materialism might be appropriate. My birthday is coming up and this year's theme (I hope) is M&M - Money and Music.

As is always the case, I genuinely prefer cash donations to the Dellinger cause. This allows us to put your $$s to use wherever they are most needed. Occasionally, this means you get to buy things like heating oil. What an awesome gift!

On the other hand, I've seriously gotten back into music recently... This can be blamed, if that's the right word, on a combination of exciting music stuff at church and the mad music production skills of Mix-Master Mike. I've started songwriting, and would love to be able to do some basic home-recording stuff.

So, here's my list in rough priority order... Please note, these are not cheapies. Recognizing this, perhaps you wanna chip in a few bucks and 'earmark' it towards something.

1) A guitar... Every good songwriter or studio has a guitar. For that matter, all the crappy ones do too! I've heard great things about A&L and Seagull. 2nd hand is great (I can think of a large bodied Ibanez, currently strung left-handed, I'd play happily).

2) Presonus Firebox/Cubase LE... This little widget, which comes bundled with some software, allows you to record audio and MIDI to your computer. I know - totally sweet.

3) Firewire Card - The Firebox interface connects to a PC via firewire. Since my PC is old, a firewire card would be needed.

4) MIDI Controller - You use a keyboard like this to 'play in' the MIDI information to the computer. Though we have a keyboard, it's not velocity sensitive which means it would suck.

Please note: I am not shilling for Musician's Friend. There are prolly better deals online.

And that's the way it goes... I know this is an ambitious list for once. If anything gets checked off, I'll be tickled.


  • You should consider publishing one of those catalogs like Samaritan's Purse and CCF does...you know, "Buy a pair of rabbits for $8", when really the person's just contributing to a general fund. Then folks will feel like they are buying thoughtful gifts instead of giving [oft-seeming] thoughtless cash.

    By Blogger Eva, at 9:29 AM, February 01, 2006  

  • But then I'd feel obligated to put the cash to the use designated... And then I'd wind up with 16 rabbits hopping all over the place.

    By Blogger HeavyDluxe, at 9:34 AM, February 01, 2006  

  • nonono, that's not what I meant.

    Oops, I shouldn't be posting this. Now you'll see how late I was up.

    By Blogger Eva, at 10:12 PM, February 01, 2006  

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