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Thursday, January 26

To post, or not to post? That's the dealio.

In the Christian blogging community (which I'm discovering is both avid and highly interconnected), there is a discussion regarding the role blogs should rightly play in our personal walk with Christ.

Part of the issue was outlined by Mark Dever in a post called on the Unbearable Lightness of Blogs in which he makes some excellent points. Without getting into another long post full of quotes, I'd recommend you read his article.

So, the question is why do I (or should I) keep making posts here? Sounds like something worth answering.

For one thing, I think best when I think 'out loud'. Talking, typing, or writing always has helped me focus and work through things better. My mind wanders easily when I'm praying silently, for example.

The other reason is that I like to learn from others. By posting my ramblings here, I at least give 3 or 4 people in the world a chance to respond to me. A little debate is healthy, and the corrections I receive when I'm wrong are invaluable. It's hard to find time to chat these things through face-to-face anymore.

In truth, this is a chronicle of who I am becoming in Christ. I'm posting reactions here that are coming out of my study of God's Word and other "substantial things ... from the saints who've gone before", as noted by Mr. Dever. Occasionally, there's something amusing, off-beat, or non-sensical thrown in. That's just who I am.

If you're along for the ride, I'm glad. I hope this self-focused little tool has something for you once in a while. But, through whatever means you need, I would urge you to engage in the same self-inspection.

Though, knowing you all, I would keep my inspections to myself (if I were you)...**

**This is meant to be funny, rather than implying anything about the people with whom I associate.


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