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Tuesday, September 12

Discontinuing cessationism: The Danger

Well, if you've been hanging onto your stones or tar and feathers, get 'em out. Here comes the best chance you'll get to use them.

In the past, I've straddled the line as to whether the more miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit have ceased to operate in the modern church (cessationism) or are still available to believers today (continuationism). I can see valid, important points raised by both sides and have had personal experiences that put me somewhere between both camps. Since the issue really didn't pound me in the face on a day-to-day basis, I was content to just hold things at an arm's length.

For various reasons, I can't do that any longer. For one thing, I'm training for some sort pastoral ministry... I think that someone who is a pastor needs to be able to articulate a view from Scripture. For example, why do women have to wear head coverings? Or why don't they? It's acceptable to say that you could make a case for either view, I suppose. But you need to make the case for one or the other from the text. "Yeah, that's a toughie isn't it?" is not an acceptable response by itself.

Everyone and their cousin seems to be talking about cessationism vs. continuationism lately. In my past couple posts, I've been exhorting you all to read the smart people who are talking elsewhere... They are all more knowledgable and articulate than I could hope to be. Nonetheless, I will begin to tentatively dip my toes into the pool. I pray that I would not malign God's Word with my own error, and I pray that God will use these posts to correct and challenge those of us who need it (on both sides).

I intend to develop a summary argument for the cessationist viewpoint based on the writings of three main people: Once I post that summary statement, I wanna dive in and affirm/deny various points of the cessationist viewpoint with Scripture. As is often the case, I think there is truth on both sides. In my opinion, both camps manage to take truth, add an unhealthy dose of fervor to it, and wind up with something other than truth. Once the exposition is done, I'll write up some sort of summary statement indicating where I've landed and then I'll cringe awaiting the first stone's throw.

So, enjoy the ride. And may God give us all wisdom!

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  • Hi!
    Thanks for getting into this. I have copious material on the other side over at my place (see esp the favorite posts listing in the sidebar)
    Drop me an email when your post is finished.
    God bless

    By Blogger Adrian, at 12:00 PM, September 13, 2006  

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