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Wednesday, September 13

What up, WWWednesday??

Thank goodness... I was eagerly awaiting this morning so I could vanquish all that serious stuff from the top of my blog. (And hopefully avoid excommunication in the process)

Just kidding, of course. Especially since I intend to post more stuff in the next couple days. But that's tomorrow or something... TODAY IS WWWEDNESDAY!!!

1) I love my iPod. Nothing is cooler than being able to start jamming with just about any band I wanna hear whenever the heck I want. But, I have to say that I think Apple has just gone over the top with the whole thing. Check out the picture of the new iPod Shuffles to the right (compared to a Nano and full-size iPod). I can't find my wallet most mornings... How the heck will people find their iPod? It's not the iFlea, but it's close.

2) In addition to loving my iPodie, I love dogs. I can't wait 'til we can have a pooch around the house... But there is absolutely no way that I am going to elevate them any further than pet. And I'm sure not going to call them 'Canine Americans', as the head of the Humane Society desires.

3) You gotta hand it to crooks in Wisconsin. If they are going to rob something, they only take the good stuff. According to the article: "The burglars who hit a central Wisconsin cheese factory early Monday made off with nearly 350 pounds of meat, more than 100 pounds of cheese and a dozen cases of beer, authorities said."

4) I apologize for not letting everyone know that the world was supposed to end, again. This time, I blame Kevin Shannon (our missionaries in Kenya) for not getting the news back to us quickly enough. We did well last time, and I will do better next time...

5) Turning more serious... I recently finished the short version of George Whitefield's biography (by Dallimore). I can't say I knew anything about Whitefield (growing up Methodist, you focused more on the brothers Wesley) but I was motivated by Piper's use of him in an illustration once. Boy, am I glad I did! Here's a quote in which Whitefield exhorts a fellow preacher:
Press on them to believe on Him immediately! Intersperse prayers with your exhortations, and thereby call down fire from heaven, even the fire of the Holy Ghost... Speak every time, my dear brother, as if it were your last. Weep out, if possible, every argument, and as it were, compel them to cry, "Behold how he loveth us!" (pp 70-71)

Wow. Just wow.

6) This has been a productive week for search engine hits. Checka checka check it out...
  • This issue of Dluxe Magazine will be featuring an article on the Gary Busey Prosperity Ministry.
  • In considering church planting, you find yourself dreaming of church names. One I've managed to cross off the list is Jim Bob's Grace Bible Followship Church. And yes, I mean 'Followship'.
  • Mark Driscoll, the king of the Young-n-Angry preaching set, posted his thoughts on preparing a sermon (very good, by the way). It seems that you can come here to get the prequel information on Mark Driscoll preparing for preparation of sermon preparation. *chuckle*
  • Also, I have no idea what "Driscoll snarky nanny" is all about. But I bet it's worth a chuckle too!



  • Nice WWWednesday, though I must say I'm also enjoying the cessationism discussion (I know: I'm a glutton for punishment). Hey, I just want to encourage your other readers to check the links - I almost missed the iFlea link, and that wouldda been a big shame! I laughed so hard it brought somebody to my office door to see if I was alright!

    By Blogger LetUsRun, at 2:11 PM, September 13, 2006  

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