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Monday, September 11

Blogging redefined

This may come as a shock to you, but I'm not known as a trend-setter. Oh, there's little doubt I have the gift and presence... But I've always eschewed the limelight in favor of a quiet life. Really. I also have a rare gift for being fashionably late to the party...

As a result, I had been considered doing a post on the so-called 'miraculous gifts' of the Holy Spirit for a while. I always wanted to wait until I had a pretty significant amount of time to devote to the topic, but that time didn't seem to materialize. In the meantime, a number of things have cropped up that make the next couple days an good time to fire this off:
  1. My 'real job' is getting busier and busier. It has typically been possible for me to steal a moment or two out of the workday to polish a post and click the big 'Publish' button-o-happiness. The frequency of such moments has been on a steady decline, so better get while the gettin' is good...
  2. What time I do have at the office is quickly going to be monopolized with this pastoral studies curriculum that some of us are working through. Where I used to take a free minute to read blogs or blog on my own, that time now urgently needs to be redirected to conjugating Greek participles and analyzing the syntactical inferences in the 23rd Article of the Savoy Declaration. Trust me, it's more fun than it sounds.*
  3. There have been some interesting occurances around campus re: the charismata lately... Seems like all signs (pardon the pun) indicate that I'd be making a timely post.

So, roll that all up together and you have some changes coming to this blog. While there are only 5 people who read this rambling, four of whom are my family, I want to try to keep this blog going in the midst of all this busy-ness. Consider the following my 'Terms of Service' for the coming months of blogging:

I, the lowly, self-interested blogger, do pledge to you, my lauded and worthy readers, that I will deliver the following:
  • A long, arduous post offering reflection on the "Cessation vs Continuationism" debate (which has been far more articulately presented all over the web). If deemed appropriate, said post may be divded into several shorter - but no less cumbersome - posts in a failing attempt to make my thoughts readable. This treatise will be delivered no later than 9/22/06.
  • An update to my "Tolle! Lege!" post. This update will include new books I've read, new books I'd like to read, and a listing of the books in use for our little fall curriculum!
  • Regular WWWednesday posts, since that seems to be all anyone reads anyway.

See you on the flip-side...


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