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Wednesday, October 25

iLike WWWednesdays

This is quite the mishmash of stuff...

1) It seems like iPod related stuff has been a common theme in WWWednesday posts... So, it's appropriate to note that the iPod just celebrated its fifth birthday! Our family celebrated the event early by adopting a refurbed 30gb iPod for my wife. In the midst of the iRevelry, you can read Al Mohler and Bob Kauflin's thoughts on the ups and downs of an iEverything world.

2) Speaking of Al Mohler, he posted a collection of thoughts on Richard Dawkins' new book, "The God Delusion". I must admit to taking a somewhat unrighteous amount of pleasure in seeing Dawkins getting smacked around by people other than Christians. I thought much of the same criticism should've been levelled against "The Blind Watchmaker", but we'll take what we get!

3) On the book tangent, it seems that O.J. Simpson is getting ready to release a book. Quoting the article:
The early part of the book tells how Simpson fell in love with Nicole and how the marriage collapsed, reports the tab. He goes on, according to the article, to describe in gruesome detail the killing of his ex-wife and Goldman; he stipulates that the murder scenes are “hypothetical.” But, notes the tab, the descriptions are “so detailed and so chillingly realistic” that readers are left with little doubt as to what really happened.

I think that anyone who buys this trash should be drug out into the street and flogged. Gently, of course.

3) When I say personally say mayonnaise, I mean Miracle Whip. I much prefer the tangy zip to the blandness of traditional mayo... Sadly, nothing is immune to the changes of our age. It appears that the recipe for Miracle Whip has been changed. I urge those of you who, like me, remember Miracle Whip with Oscar Meyer Bologna sandwiches to rise up and demand our trans-fat be returned to us!

4) It appears that Mars Hill Church is (re)taking exclusive control of their arts center, the Paradox. Obviously, this article cast the whole deal in the worst possible light... All of which makes me more interested to see how Mark Driscoll, being so passive and gentle, will respond to the press.

5) This video is one of the most profound and most creepiest things I have ever seen.

6) On the creepy video trail: I know this has been all over the net, but it's frightening/cool. Is it any wonder that girls (especially, though I think it impacts boys too) are freaking out over how they look?

7) Time for some crazy search madness.
  • It takes a special kinda person do a search for festschrift. It takes a 'more specialer' person to somehow weed through the results and actually end up here (I think I'm #6000 or so).
  • Though it must be noted that the terms are found in two separate posts, it's somewhat fitting that three people have come here looking for Caner sucks.
  • If you want data on Brokeback Sigur Ros, I'm the man to ask. I suppose that Brokeback Sigur Ros is the Bizarro, homosexual cousin of the real Sigur Ros.
Have a wonderful week, everyone!!



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