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Wednesday, October 25

Semi-Selfish, Worldly Christmas Post '06

Just about a year ago, I started this little blog mainly so I could detail my Christmas desires to my family. Eva had posted an abbreviated list on her blog, but it didn't have the specificity that I require.

Well, 11 months later and it's time for me to post my list for this year. Those of you who missed this last year will realize that I'm an easy person to shop for.

So, without further ado:

What I Want for Christmas, 2006
by Dluxe (age 31)

Books: And lots of 'em. As some of you know, I've been (slowly) working my way through a seminary-esque curriculum. Well, the winter term kicks off in January and that means more books need to be purchased. To facilitate this, I've created two Amazon wishlists:
  • Click Here to see my Pastors Class Wishlist. All the books for next term are here. You'll see that there are a lot of 'em... Feel free to buy one, several, or all and know that I'll put it to good use. Please, please give preference to buying something off this list. That's where your gift will be most appreciated!
  • Click Here to see my Personal Wishlist. Every now and then I like to read things that I want to read, not just things I have to read for class. If you prefer, you can buy something off this list which catalogs things that just seem interesting to me.
Straight Cash, Homie: Aside from the books, there's no other 'thing' I want. However, there are always little needs outside of our normal budget that crop up (repairs for the car, buying heating oil, etc). If you don't feel like playing biblioSanta, feel free to give money to the Dellinger Operating Fund. If you want to ear-mark the dollars for some specific thing - such as "Must be used to take Eva out on a hot date" - please feel free to do so.

Support a Missionary: Did you ever stop to think about how rich we are? Though we have little financial 'crises' like everyone else in America, we really have it awful good. We have a huge house (by global standards) that we are able to heat through the winter. We have more calories on our table per night than a lot of folks have in week. We have access to better medical care than just about anywhere in the world when we're sick... And we wake up every day in relative peace while many others are persecuted daily.

So, I'd ask that you consider giving your dollars to one of the following needs, even in preference to my listings above. In the end, your resources will make a far more valuable impact there than they would in my pocket.
  • Support our friends, Kevin and Karen Shannon, in Kenya by donating to them via AIM here. UPDATE: Also be praying for the Shannons - We received word that Kevin is in the hospital (kidney stones?)...
  • If you have a heart for youth, support our local Young Life office (NH22) led by our friends Wes and Jonica. You can donate here.
  • If you love young kids, the House of Hope is a wonderful ministry to the hurting children of Haiti. You can read about them on their blog and then click here to support their work!
  • Gospel for Asia's native missionaries are reaching some of the toughest fields in the east. Pray for them, and consider investing in their work here.


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