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Thursday, January 11

Apologetics and Apology

Up front: If you haven't been following the exchange surrounding the Just Stop and Think video over at TeamPyro and centuri0n's blog, you should. It actually started here on the BHT, then moved through a number of stations on the way towards today's fine offerings...

Astute readers might recall that I linked (and liked!) the video in question back here.

On a different note: You know you've been blog-slacking like a champ when your father emails you to tell you that you're sucking. Thanks, Pops!

So, sorry. I'm especially sorry that I missed this past week's WWWednesday post (which I had every intention of getting up). I promise that I'll try to make it up to everyone. Starting tomorrow, we'll try to get back on the pony with a Whitefield post and then move onto those long promised book reviews!


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