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Wednesday, January 17

Winds of WWWednesday

In every good rap song, the rapper proudly declares that he's "back"... And in that hip-hop spirit: Yo, I was gone... But now I'm back like a boomerang. Or somethin' like that, fools.

1) Leading off with much respect: The world mourned the loss of Momofuku Ando two weeks ago. I think we've all been impacted by Ramen noodles at some point in our life. However, I was unaware that there was an Instant Ramen Museum. Add that to the 'must-see' list.

2) File under "This Won't End Well" - Israel has supposedly drafted plans for nuclear strikes into Iran. Um, boo yah?

3) In college, several of us discovered just how amusing the word 'pants' actually is. Seriously! Just try dropping 'pants' in the middle of some conversation... Hilarity is bound to ensue. Or, for more fun, check out these edited Star Wars [er, Pants Wars] lines.

4) This article speaks for itself and confirms that you can write a DOD grant for anything: "Ummm. Give me money to find the DNA strings that don't exist. I mean, you've given away billions to find the ones that do... Don't you wanna know what's missing?"

5) Headline: Underwater Photographer Captures Picture of Mysterious Gelatinous Ball. Resist clicking on that.

6) I have no searches to post this week, mainly because I hadn't been logging them and then I got linked on TeamPyro. So, that means more videos!!!

7) This is probably the funniest bit of viral marketing I've seen in a long, long time (slight language warning).

8) Be honest... Would you have expected Van Halen's "Jump" to sound this good as a bluegrass tune?

9) Keeping on the music tip, I've always found K.T. Tunstall's voice kinda cool... This little vid is awesome.

10) With the arrival of the first real snow/ice of the year in New England, this video seemed apropos.

11) Does anyone else my age remember the two-week television run of Samurai Pizza Cats? Ah, those silly Japanese cartoons...

12) Ending with an even dozen. I have no idea what the heck this is... I find it highly disturbing.

Peace, out.



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