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Friday, December 9

Good week inturrupted

Funny how in a moment a mountain of good things can crumple.

First, the good: The lecture on Wednesday was 'off the hook'... As I suspected, I think I understood the first ten words before everything started to sound like the Charlie Brown teacher soundtrack. Michael noted that I "nodded thoughtfully" periodically. Of course, I was doing that consciously so people weren't thinking, "Who's that lost guy in the second row?".

The rest of the week was good, though busy... This morning, we awoke to nice blanket of snow. It was beautiful. The downside, at least initially, was that I was not aware the snow was going to start last (Thursday) night. So I got a late jump on the way out to work.

About two miles from my house, I was rounding a rather tight turn... As I came around, there was a pickup turning - in my lane - right at me. A quick snatch of the wheel to the right left me facing a parked car with no way to stop... In one crunch, a happy, blissful week came to a grinding halt. My front, passenger-side quarter panel glanced off the parked car, crunching the cheap, plastic bumper of my high-class Hyundai Elantra.

Thankfully, no one was hurt excluding my pride and wallet. The other car had no disfiguration - just a couple small scratches along the part of the bumper that wrapped around the driver's side, rear quarter panel. I'm sure that my car, however, has a few hundred $$s worth of damage. I'm 90% certain it's driveable as is (which I hope to verify with my mechanic friend in the morning). So at least we *should* be able to delay the repair.

Where this money is going to come from, at any time, is completely beyond me. One thing for sure, I won't have to relive by bad car shopping experience from the other day. After all, you need money to buy a car.

Unless anyone wants an overpriced, slightly marred Hyundai Elantra? Only $65,000... Offer ends soon. Why drive a snazzy, new Euro import when you can drive a dented, crappy Korean import?


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